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Filing small business taxes can be tricky. Set your small business up for success and maximize your tax refunds! We're here to help you reach your goals. Our small business tax and bookkeeping services are affordable, convenient and year-round. Our clients trust us for accurate income tax preparation, financial statements and getting the most out of their returns!


Being a landlord can significantly bolster your savings, but it's also a lot of work. Knowing what expenses you can write off can make a big difference in minimizing your taxes. Rental property tax deductions add up very quickly. You may be surprised to find out all of the expenses that you are eligible to deduct. We can help manage the tax and financial impact of your real estate holdings, so your time can be better spent on managing your estate.


T42 works in partnership with Blue Sky Business Management Services in Newmarket to provide Holland Landing, Sharon, Mt. Albert, and the rest of East Gwillimbury with professional and accurate corporate tax services. Jon and Linda will help you understand your personal or business needs, and get you the Blue Sky Business Management Services.

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